Sebastian’s Cake Smash

The trend of having a ‘cake smash’ started in the US as a fun way to mark your little one’s first birthday.  If you’re at all on Pinterest, you’d know it’s all over there with the most adorable photos of babies making a huge mess with a beautiful cake.   I was adamant that I wanted to do this with Sebastian as well.  I made a cake for his birthday which was a bit of a flop, so I decided to freeze the sponges and used it for the cake smash.  I thought it was going to end up ‘smashed’ anyway!   Up until a few days before this, he’d never really had cake.  The first proper cake he had was at his own first birthday.  And of course he’s never been allowed to just sit with, smash and do whatever with a whole cake in front of him!  You could see that, as he wasn’t quite sure what he was supposed to do, poor thing.  🙂   I took these in the flat we stayed in at the time which was just so beautiful and light.  And the photos turned out really well.  Most of these were not edited at all.   Can’t believe my baby will be two in a couple of weeks!

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