Jess and Pete’s Maternity Shoot

Jess (and my friend Naomi) is the reason I embarked on this crazy journey of creating a website and trying to make more of my photography.  Jess is a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger on her blog  Oh so Gawjess, and she asked her twitter followers if anyone knew a photographer who could do her maternity photos.  So my friend Naomi (Benjamin’s mum) suggested she contact me, and the rest is history as they say.

Jess and Pete bought and moved into their family home in January this year after a long struggle to get onto the property ladder.  They even lived with Pete’s parents as newlyweds for a year in order to save up.  It was therefore important to them that we do their photos in their new home.  The whole house is filled with special vintage and heirloom pieces which they have added their own signature style to.  Pete is also an artist in his free time, so there are a number of his paintings on the walls.

It was a very typical Manchester day in terms of the weather;  pouring down one minute, sunshine the next.  But in this case, we couldn’t really keep postponing until we had a blue sky day!

Jess has also asked me to do their newborn shoot, which I am just SO excited about and I will of course share it with you right here as soon as their little baba has arrived.  In the meantime, here are their maternity photos.

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