Baby Henry 3 Weeks New

My husband and I did NCT when I was pregnant.  It is a course of sessions where you meet other couples who are usually due around the same time as you.  We were fortunate to meet some amazing people and have made friends that I’m sure we’ll have for life.

One of these couples are Mike and Roma.  They are both doctors and originally from Poland.  We clicked straightaway during the course and would often stay to chat long after everyone had left for the evening.

Their little one, Henry was the 2nd of the ‘NCT babies’ to be born.  He was quite a big little guy and is still the leader of the pack.  🙂  Roma asked me to do a Newborn shoot of Henry at home.  They had recently moved into their new house and their refurbishment of the living room made for beautiful light. And since then, I have taken loads more photos of Henry, he’s quite the willing model, so watch this space for more posts to follow.

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